I have long had a soft spot for Mike Sharman! He models a period of history where they were still discovering what the train was! They were still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


A shortage of good rolling stock for my fathers layout (Blas O Cymru) was the trigger for this build. 


I had read about Agenoria models but never had the pleasure of building one of their kits. Agenoria, as a single entity no longer exists. the range was broken up with the narrow gauge models going to one owner and the standard gauge models going to another. 

The narrow gauge kits were acquired by EDM models which I think are part of NG trains.

For several years I had kept an eye on the Broad Gauge Society website. But alas it so rarely got updated that at one point I thought the society had folded! Then one day it got a shiny new website and I decided to join.

This is the first new loco kit to be produced since I joined. A GWR 3501 class.

Well, in the spring of 2012 I was getting very disheartened with Modelrailforum.com where I was a moderator. The problem for me was that there was simply too much talking and precious little modelling going on.

In a last ditch effort I suggested a group build project. I like to consider it a success. At least 1 wagon was built by someone who had never touched a brass kit before and for a first go he made a good job of it!