I once commented that Martin Finney kits were actually manufactured by God himself and Mr Finney was merely the holder of an exclusive distribution deal!

A friend said that Brassmasters had that franchise!

UPDATED 01/07/2014

I built a Victors kit for Sandy River & Rangley lakes No.19 in HOn3 about 4 years ago. It went together beautifully. A real treat to build! I still have a full set of pictures from that build and I will do an article on it at some point!

But for now I have a new arrival! Victors has gone the way of so many of the various names in model railways but the kits live on through their designer Neil Sayer.



Keyser Kits hold a special place in the hearts of many modellers. For many of us they represent our first introduction to kit building. Also an introduction to many new techniques. Whitemetal soldering, correcting castings and correcting stupid designs that frankly should never have been manufactured in the first place!


It's really great when you get a decent kit to build and it goes together exactly the way its supposed to!

In this case it was a Highland Railway Strath. Twelve were built in 1892 to a design by David Jones. They were a development of the Clyde Bogie class and several lasted into LMS ownership. The last being withdrawn in 1930.