This was a privately built layout not part of a club project. our first venture into exhibition layouts taught us a huge amount 

Basic overview.

The Piko SmartControl is a fully featured DCC system using WiFi for the SmartControl handset to communicate with the SmartBox Base unit.


I was just a wee small lad when construction started on a layout that would occupy my summer holidays for a good 5 years!



         我很高兴向大家介绍Paul Stapleton的关于他的新的中式HO模型的文章的第一部分。在这一部分中他告诉了我们在动手之前,他选择模型的理念,原则及构思。


I am delighted to present the first part of Paul Stapleton's article on the construction of his new Chinese HO layout. In part 1 he discusses the philosophy behind his choice of layout and the decisions he made before the board was cut!