I bought this one in the summer for building model railway baseboards. its been just perfect.

My old Faithfull vice has been past its best for quite some time now. its been a good vice, but I had several projects coming up and an ocean of valvagear to construct!

I needed something new. I needed something allot more accurate.


For years I have steadfastly adheared to using BA screw sizes for anything less than a 6BA or about 3mm. That was fine untill I started building the EDM Darjeeling and Himalayan B Class. suddenly the crankpins were metric and the cranks need threading to accept the screws.

I could ofcourse simply substituted them for Alan Gibson crankpins which are 14BA but perhaps 2015 was the time for me t finally get some metric threading gear!

For all normal men.... their idea of heaven consists of a fairly typically sized room in a typically sized house, but full of machine tools!

I waited for 25 years before I finally managed to get the tool that was always at the top of my list. A screwcutting centre lathe.