I purchased it from the Sittingbourne store and the staff were great! I had never been to one of the stores before. I walked in and someone came up to be and asked if I needed help.... the difference here was that she actually knew what she was talking about!!!! It was like being in a parallel universe or something! And the best bit was when she didn't know the answer to one of my questions, she actually said "I don't know"!!! And went and found out rather than just talk rubbish at me!


So my current project is trying to figure out how to actually move into the store without anyone noticing!
Anyway... the saw!

Building the cabinet is not an easy job unless you are blessed with a third arm. (fortunately I have a wife that walks around with 2 spares!)

My first criticism here..... Brace yourself...... it’s worth the wait...... the screws really are junk! cheap zinc coated junk. Spend a fiver and replace them with some nice domed allen head stainless steel bolts and some stainless dome nuts. This is a saw you are going to be using allot so give yourself some "niceness"!! Having exposed hex bolts also plays havoc with my OCD as I can never make the heads line up. The round headed stainless bolts solve this problem! for the record, they are M6 for the cabinet and I think they were M10's to attach the saw to the cabinet.

There are actually holes in the back of the cabinet that are obviously designed to take wheels.... it would be nice if Axminster sold them.

I followed the instructions about setting up. Apart from moving the bearings (5 min job) it was actually perfect straight out of the box.

I was a bit concerned about the blade. I have heard many bad stories about the blades that are included. When I got the saw I also purchased a fine toothed blade. I needn't have worried, the supplied blade was perfectly fine for cutting plywood virtually no tidying up needed afterwards. The fine toothed blade is still sitting in its packet!

The motor is fine. Really not allot to report. Plenty of power. on a couple of cuts, I deliberately tried to slow the blade by cutting too fast. It was fine. I am now confident in the specs.I have cut 2 inch thick material. I have no doubt it could go much thicker should I desire.

The capacity is a useful size. I am glad I didn't go for the smaller model.
The table was the real selling point for me. I didn't like the horrible machining on the smaller model (that was the one I actually walked into the shop to buy!) and the ground cast iron table is a huge benefit. I suggest you get some decent wax to look after it. The staff in the shop will be happy to help you choose. I am pretty young and so looking after my tools is very important to me. I am buying this saw to last.
The wheels are a reasonable die cast metal with a tire. Not cheap plastic as I was expecting.
The table angle adjustment may get “redesigned” at some point but for now, I don’t need anything better.
I was initially concerned about the catches that hold the doors closed. I needn’t have done. They are fine.
The power switch is not great. It does the job but I like to have a big button to thump to stop a machine. I like the switches on the Sieg SC3 lathe and SX2P mill (which in a different guise are also sold by Axminster) and I understand that exact switch is available as a spare so I may well swap them. It’s a tenner that would make the saw easier to stop if something has gone wrong and you are in a bit of shock and may even save a finger or 2 . 
If I had to choose again, I would still choose this saw. Money well spent.