I believe this folder is also available in the UK under the Miller brand? 

It was really a choice between the Machine mart version and the Screw-Fix.

The machine mart tool looked very flash but from what I could tell from the small pictures that I had It was made from aluminium box section and although slightly cheaper than the screw fix version it didn’t look as substantial and the screw fix one looked much closer to the metalsmith tool that I was used to. 

When It arrived I was stunned to see a box that was 3 times the size that I was expecting and about 8 times heavier than I was expecting. It’s made from very heavy steel angle and is very substantial indeed. The maximum folding width is about 30 inches!


The tool itself is extremely substantial but is obviously a much cheaper tool than the metalsmith version (its less than half the price). The metalsmith tool has a series of Allen bolts to secure the work piece making it fairly quick and easy to use. My version simply came with a very heavy steel strip about 1.5cm that rests on top. Securing this is down to the purchaser. I got 3 G clamps from my local hardware store and they worked a treat.


In a perfect world I would have a permanent place to secure it to a bench but my workshop is also my kitchen and it’s simply not practical. So I opted for 2 large quick clamps to secure it to the worktop. This also worked beautifully.

Of course, For smaller items, The vice is far more convenient!