Have you ever had a time where you sit down at the workbench and just cant get any enthusiasm to actually build something?

I call it modellers block.

it seems to come in seasons. there is a period just after Christmas where normally I have been away with my family, towards the end of the holiday I am normally itching to get back to he workbench. but when I actually get home and sit down at the workbench... nothing. I look at the models and I just cant do it. I have had it last days, weeks or on a few occasions, months.

Another bad one is the summer. when its nice weather outside and my wife wants some attention, I just don't feel like sitting at the bench and doing some work.

I have tried working through it. telling myself that I need to get on with a project. but when I do pick up the tools, normally the work is of such poor quality that often I end up redoing it again at a later date.

Eventually the mojo comes back. normally buying a new kit cures it! But over the years I have learned that I simply cant rush it.

I love modelling. especially the exciting stuff. working in a new scale or learning different techniques are what normally keeps me interested in this hobby. Perhaps that's why I have never been able to pin myself down to any particular era, scale, gauge, region, country or continent!