I need a quick and easy article to test my new website so here it is....


My father has spent the last 3 years building a new layout for light exhibition use and I needed to populate it with some stock...


Mercian Models do a good range of suitable stock and so I set to work.



The Mercian coaches are designed with a strip along the top for attaching the roof. I don’t really like those and decided to cut them off and just solder it.


I also installed a small flap underneath the ends so that a brass floor could be screwed in place. I really should have taken some pictures of this but alas I didn’t.

They went together fairly easily. Traditional 5 sided box with a separate floor.


Paintwork came next with an undercoat of etching primer followed by a coat of Royal Claret,


Lined with a Bob Moore lining pen, they look fantastic.


I installed an MJT Compensation unit under one end. I think this may have been a bit of an own goal as they are quite top heavy but they do a good job of keeping it all on the rails.

At some point they will get handrails and door handles and decals and glazing and interiors. But time was pressing and the layout needed them…


The kit is basic but is well worth the money.

Its available from Mercian models here  http://www.modelrailways.tv/narrow-gauge-7mm-wagons.html