For years I have steadfastly adheared to using BA screw sizes for anything less than a 6BA or about 3mm. That was fine untill I started building the EDM Darjeeling and Himalayan B Class. suddenly the crankpins were metric and the cranks need threading to accept the screws.

I could ofcourse simply substituted them for Alan Gibson crankpins which are 14BA but perhaps 2015 was the time for me t finally get some metric threading gear!


I already had taps and dies for many of the larger sizes. but nothing to compare with the smaller BA sizes. I really needed M1.6 for another project and the B class needed M1.

Looking around at what was available, you can easily pay £50+ on a single tap in the smaller sizes. but I really just wanted something that would get me started down the metric road.

I had a look around and then came across this set. Its obviously imported and is sold under various brand names.

The quality isnt perfect. I have no idea how long those taps are going to last! but for the price, I am not complaining!

It has virtually all the smaller sizes I could possibly want (I might get an M0.6 at some point). The packaging was obviously designed for a different wrench and evrything had fallen out and was rattelling around in the bag! but the box is going to be thrown away anyway. I will probably store the taps and dies in the boxes with the relavent sized screws.