You never quite know when you will come across a decent model!


I was in Beijing Railway museum (full review to follow) and stumbled across this little gem. Yes I know!!! this is a TOY!!!!

Bear with me on this one!

Its actually pretty Damn close to scale! the body is not too bad and the real gem of this model (and the real reason I shelled out a whole 100RMB (about £10)) is the tender!


To start with, why on earth would a toy maker produce a model of QJ2 and not a standard QJ?

Why would they make it so close to scale? This is a picture of the toy alongside a Bachmann QJ

My theory is... Brace yourself!.... Someone commissioned a full HO Scale model of QJ2. Halfway through the process they ran short of money and turned the project into a toy. The result is that I can take my spare Bachmann QJ and use the QJ2 Tender to create the QJ2 that I could never afford from Bachmann!! The detail on the tender is not up to Bachmann standards, but certainatly quite respectable. perfectly adequate for exhibition use.


In theory it should have been a simple job, but getting my spare QJ running half decently proved to be a far bigger problem than I had envisaged!

But that's another article!